Club Newsletters

Clubs of all shapes and sizes are the lifeblood of historic vehicle ownership in Australia. Runs and gatherings connect like-minded vehicle owners and enthusiasts with each other and with the community, and allow millions of Australians to enjoy our rich motoring heritage from behind the wheel or from the roadside. The National Motor Museum, with its extensive grounds and facilities, is a great place to hold club events. Over a hundred clubs choose the Museum as a site for their national meets, annual meets and other special gatherings each year, adding an exciting new display for Museum visitors.

In recognition of the important role vehicle clubs play in Australia’s motoring culture, from 1 January 2020 all club-registered vehicle gatherings and events, including all legally carried passengers, will be admitted free of charge to the National Motor Museum while participating in an organised club event.

This generous ‘share the passion’ initiative is made possible through the assistance of Australia’s leading insurance provider for motoring enthusiasts, Shannons, and is supported by one of the world’s great historic motoring events, the Bay to Birdwood. Contact the Museum for more information.