We have a range of materials that will keep students of all ages engaged and interested in the Museum’s collection.

Click the links below to download.

Road Sign Observation

On the journey to the Museum students can spot the different signs that help vehicles maneuver safely on the road.

Motor Museum Investigator

Following clues students need to explore the Museum collection and find the right vehicles.

I Spy

I spy with my little eye… students are tasked with finding various objects in the Museum.

Hunt For Junk

One of the most popular cars at the Museum is the ‘Hunt for Junk’ car. An art piece created to represent Australian consumerism the car is covered with pieces of junk. To complete this worksheet students will need to find specific junk- some are very difficult to find!

Model T Trail

Search the Museum to find eight small Model T’s with different coloured wheels.

Sunburnt Country Trail

Associated with the Sunburnt Country exhibition this trail encourages students to discover more about some of Australia’s most significant vehicles.