Off The Beaten Track

Off the Beaten Track: a journey across the nation was a travelling exhibition developed by the National Motor Museum to celebrate the centenary anniversary of the first trip by motor car between Adelaide and Darwin. In 1908 Murray Aunger and Harry Dutton completed their historic trip in a Talbot car, with Telegraph operator Ernest Allchurch accompanying them from Alice Springs to Darwin. The Talbot car, part of the National Motor Museum collection, retraced the tracks of the original expedition as a travelling exhibition.

The Museum produced a publication documenting the original 1908 expedition, featuring some short essays about the colonisation of Central Australia, motorised travel in the hostile Australian Outback and the journey completed by Dutton and Aunger. This is accompanied by a series of incredible images of the Talbot car traversing the inhospitable and dramatic landscape in 1908.

This publication is available for purchase at the Museum shop for $5.00