History Matters: Webinar Series for Teachers

Make your Wednesday afternoons a time of listening, learning, reflection and challenging historical concepts and understandings.

Wednesdays 4 – 5pm, 22 July – 23 September 2020
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This series of masterclasses will explore, discuss and analyse the history of what is now known as South Australia. Uncle Mickey O’Brien, Senior Kaurna man will work alongside historians and educators from the History Trust of South Australia team to share knowledge, expertise and ideas.

These sessions will be open forums and participants encouraged to ask questions and explore history. There will be a Q&A at the end of each session with our expert guests and presenters.

Australian Curriculum links will be included and attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance you can use for PD records. We will also discuss some of the many school programs and resources teachers can access through the History Trust and its museums. Preservice teachers, lifelong learners and other interested historians also welcome.

Sessions may be recorded (depending on the presenters(s) permissions) and will be made available to registered participants.

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Presented by the History Trust of South Australia in partnership with HASS SA.

Full Program:

Week 1: July 22

Introduction and opening of the masterclass series with Greg Mackie, AO, CEO History Trust of South Australia

Time Immemorial with Uncle Mickey O’Brien

AC links: People on this continent forever : “History didn’t start at colonization “

Week 2: July 29

Early encounters with Dr Adam Paterson and Uncle Mickey O’Brien

AC links: Who came, what records are there? when they came, what they did, new names and records and what was happening at this time on this continent

Week 3: August 5

The new colony of South Australia with Mandy Paul

AC links: The planning of the colony of SA and the founding documents – the who and the thinking/context at the time

Week 4: August 12

The first arrivals from England with Lindl Lawton and Uncle Mickey O’Brien

AC links: 1836 First 9 colonial ships – who came, why they came, conditions on the ships, impact on First Nations People , process of building democracy, primary sources of information

Week 5: August 19

Technology of the time (STEM focus) with Dr Adam Paterson and Uncle Mickey O’Brien

AC links: Explore the vessels – pre industrial revolution technologies driving movement of peoples

Week 6: August 26

Learning locally:Community museums near you….Amanda James, Corinne Ball and Uncle Mickey O’Brien

AC links: 19 century migration to SA 1836-1901 – English, Cornish, Welsh, German including Afghan cameleers, Chinese and linking this to working with community museums

Week 7: September 2

The new century and nationhood with Michelangelo Bolognese and Uncle Mickey O’Brien

AC links: Industrialisation, Federation and the White Australia Policy

Week 8: September 9

Post White Australia policy with Michelangelo Bolognese, Dr Birgit Heilmann and Uncle Mickey O’Brien

What changed? Why did it change? What impact did it have?

AC links: Waves of Migration post WW 2, push and pull factors

Week 9: September 16

Refugees and Migrants: why did we come to South Australia? invited guests (TBC)

AC links: push and pull factors of the migration experience

Week 10: September 23

South Australia now, with Mandy Paul, Corinne Ball and Uncle Mickey O’Brien

AC links: The 21st Century migration experience, COVID 19 pandemic and the impact on temporary migration

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