The term ‘automobilia’ can be used to describe any historical artefact, memorabilia or collectible linked with motor vehicles and related areas.


Our collection includes motor vehicle sales brochures, motoring advertising ephemera, road maps, motoring costumes, and garagenalia and petroliana such as tin signs and petrol bowsers. Artefacts included within automobilia may be highly varied in nature, ranging from those linked with motoring in a general sense such as a car repair kit to those intrinsically linked with a specific vehicle or event such as the steering wheel from a specific race car used during a notable race.

Costumes. This collection contains examples of dustcoats, gloves, goggles, helmets, driving glasses and hats.
Garagenalia & Petroliana. This collection encompasses a variety of collectible motoring products and advertising relating to the petroleum industry and all things motoring. This includes objects such as tin signs, petrol pumps, oil cans, spark plugs, roadside repair kits, tools, radiator badges and mascots.
Memorablia. The Museum collection includes awards and memorabilia of significant figures from Australian racing history. This desk clock was awarded to the Perkins and Reynolds team for placing second in the 1001cc-2000cc category at the 1957 Ampol Trials.
Brochures, Maps and Advertising.