Education Programs

In 2016 we offer exciting education programs that position students as creators.

A visit to the National Motor Museum can include a range of hands-on experiences.

All education programs are offered at $6.00 per student $2.00 Equity (as of Term 2 in 2017 the cost per student will be $7.50 with an Equity price of $3.00)

We can customise your school’s visit by including any of the following programs:

Curatorial talks for Years 4-12 

The National Motor Museum’s expert staff can lead your class through a tour of the Museum specifically designed for your students.

The motor and social history collection offers great potential for students to understand the changing nature of community and industry as the result of human innovation.

The curatorial talks will inform themes of: Australian motoring history, technological development through motoring innovation, industrial design and the changing shape of motor vehicles and local history in the Adelaide Hills.

Your visit to the Museum will also give students the opportunity to explore the large collection and beautiful grounds.

We offer BBQ and lunch facilities so you can make a day of your visit.

Students will also leave with a discount voucher to return with their families.


Sunburnt Country — Icons of Australian motoring

Through this specially designed exhibition students can understand how the early settlers of modern Australia explored and opened up the country via motoring (the Talbot story).

They will interact with innovation through the story of the first vehicles and the Shearer Steam Carriage.

They will explore the introduction of the everyday car through the Holden story.

One of the popular highlights of Sunburnt Country is the quintessential Australian story of the  servicing of Australia’s remote regions through the Tom Kruse truck and the Royal Mail delivery service.

These stories are supported by downloadable teacher-directed worksheets that cover:  Aboriginal Australia, Depth Studies, Timelines, Map Work & Research, Creative Writing and Research.


Motorworks - Program 1 Year 4-6 / Program 2 Year 6-8

Legoworks - Year R-3 

Motorworks and Legoworks are hands on creative experiences that enhance many areas of learning for students.

For example, after viewing historic footage and inspired by the Museum collection, students will understand industrialisation, community and family life, history and change, the impact of technology while engaging with both literacy and numeracy skills.

They will then create a small scale vehicle as part of a team and enjoy understanding problem solving, coordination and team work.

Motorworks and Legoworks are led by our experienced Education Officers who know how to keep students engaged and interested.


Worksheets for fun and education

We have a range of materials that will keep students of various ages engaged and interested in the Museum's collection, from colouring-in to crosswords and trails. Download resources that suit your group here: A drive to Adelaide, Ford Model T Trail, Great Journeys Trail, Great Journeys Word Search, Hunt for Junk, I Spy, Lego Car Trail, Leyland Badger Colour-in, Match and Patch, Monsoor Hawkers Van Colour-in, Museum Investigator, Road Sign Observation, Seatbelt Safety Colour-in, Seatbelts Save Lives and Sunburnt Country Trail.

Coming soon - education program and materials for Solid Ground: a history of the Birdwood Mill

Solid Ground is an exhibition that journeys through the old mill building’s history from its origins before German settlers established the town and built the first flour mill to its abandonment and new life as a Museum. Step into the basement of the beautiful heritage mill to see the sights and sounds, including original milling equipment as well as the luxurious Brough Superior motorbike owned by Museum founder Jack Kaines, one of the first objects in the collection.

OSCH / Vacation Care Program

All OSCH / Vacation care Programs are available at $6.00 per child.

Ramp Racers

Ramp Racers is an exciting school holiday program. Children design, build and race their LEGO® hot rod, dragster or super-car down a track using the Museum's standard chassis. They will learn about aerodynamics, strength and endurance. They will learn as they go too, modifying their ride for extra speed and race again. Thrills and spills are pretty much guaranteed! 


The custom designed Scalextric Car Racing Circuit is available to OSCH Groups during the school holidays.

The track gives teams of up to six students at a time the chance to play and test their skills and compete with each other in a safe and exciting environment.

This program is complimented by a hands on LEGO design and "build a car of the future" activity.


Self-Guided Trails

We have a wide variety of self-guided trails designed for children and families to explore the Museum and learn about the vehicles, the people and journeys they have taken.

Junior Driver’s Licence Program

Children can engage with the vehicle collection by completing one or more trails and designing their own Australian car. On completion they are provided with a National Motor Museum Junior Driver’s Licence.