Model Behaviour

From Boomeroo to Barbie, for some people, the joy of childhood toys never fades.


Model Behaviour showcases the collections of three South Australians who had a passion for toy and model cars. If you remember Corgi models (‘the ones with the windows’) or you’ve ever wanted a pedal car, Model Behaviour is sure to delight.

Before the automobile age, children explored the world from the back of a rocking-horse. It was a natural progression to a model car, as cars replaced horses as the way to get around. As with real cars, early pedal cars had a price tag that only the wealthy could afford. They were custom made, and often accurate replicas of motor cars, featuring opening boots and bonnets, inflatable tyres and leaf-spring suspension.

The exhibition features a number of pedal cars which came to life in the workshop of Adelaide grandfather Bob Phillips, and an impressive collection of Corgi model cars, the life-long passion of Eric Hauschild.