Follow the Stars – LEGO® Trail

Follow the Stars these summer holidays at the National Motor Museum!

Follow our LEGO® trail to find 12 hidden movie and television characters. Each character is hiding a secret letter which will help you solve a mystery word.

Unveil the secret word for the chance to win a fantastic movie-themed LEGO® prize!

Participation is free with Museum entry.

Prize #1: LEGO® Jurassic World T. Rex and Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout #76948 (8+), valued at $159.99
Prize #2: LEGO® Harry Potter™ 4 Privet Drive #75968 (8+), valued at $119.99
Prize #3: LEGO® Jurassic World Blue and Beta Velociraptor Capture #76949 (6+), valued at $49.99