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The National Motor Museum is a place where students can learn in a unique environment. The beauty of the Adelaide Hills and the stunning grounds of the Museum contribute to the students having a most memorable day. Students can explore the history of motoring in Australia, the people who drove iconic vehicles on epic journeys and the impact motoring history has had on our lifestyles over the years.

Through a range of hands-on activities, students will develop skills in historical thinking, teamwork and an understanding of the rich diversity of motor vehicles and the science, technology and engineering behind them. Schools can travel to the Museum (excursion) OR we can provide a range of education programs onsite at their school (incursion).


Excursion to the National Motor Museum

Cost $7:50 per student, $3:00 equity

The Museum opens at 10am so school groups arrive at Birdwood between 10 and 10:30am and meet with the Museum officer at the front of the Museum. Bus parking is available onsite. Staff and students place bags in a secure undercover eating area and may at this time have their recess or early lunch. Students and teachers will then move to the education area and commence their program. Depending on the numbers, students will break up into classes and whilst one class is doing an education program the other students can explore the Museum with their teacher and can access a range of education activity sheets and discovery trail sheets. Each of these will be linked to the Australian Curriculum. Schools can elect to do more than one program if they wish. The second program is available for an additional $2:50 and is very good value.


Museum comes to your school (Incursion)

Cost: from $450 includes 2 classes

 A practical and economical alternative to going to the Museum at Birdwood, Museum staff will come to your school bringing with them a range of intriguing museum objects and relevant education materials. Students will learn about the impact motor vehicles have had on Australian people and explore the rich social history of the people who drove them. Students will become immersed in exciting hands on learning which encourages critical thinking, exploration and team work. A real working vintage car can be brought to the school to supplement these programs.

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