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Road Sign Observation

How many road signs can you see on your journey home? Click here to download our Road Sign Observation worksheet....

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Museum Investigator

Search and find items in the National Motor Museum and write the year and the name of the vehicles. Click here to download the Museum Investigator wor...

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Look carefully at the cars in the National Motor Museum and play our i-spy game. Click here to download the I-Spy worksheet....

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Hunt for Junk

Test Your Skills of Observation. How many of the items can you find with “Hunt for Junk”. Click here to download the Hunt for Junk worksh...

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Ford Model T Trail

Search the museum to find eight Model T’s with coloured wheels. Match the wheel colours to the pictures on your sheet and write the number plate o...

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Locate the “Sticker Car” a 1974 Honda Civic, in the Museum. Owned by Bethany Alldridge in the 70’s, she covered her car with stickers from man...

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Depth Studies

Select one of the ‘Icons’ in the collection and conduct a depth study on the vehicle’s story. Research the design features of the vehicle, the ...

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Aboriginal Australia – history years 4-7

Locate the 1908 Talbot driven by Dutton and Aunger. This was the first car to cross Australia from Adelaide to Darwin, taking 51 days and covering 3...

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Sunburnt Country Trail

Explore our exhibition about the early days of motor vehicles in Australia. Spend some time looking at the vehicles, photographs and objects before y...

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