Tom Kruse: The Outback Mailman

This program will be available from term 2 2018.

Available at the Museum or can come to you as a school incursion.

Suitable for years 3 -7.

This program explores the work of the legendary Tom Kruse who took mail to South Australian outback stations and towns in the early 20th Century. Tom Kruse’s famed mail truck the Leyland Badger is on display at the Museum.

Across the Museum’s grounds the students will take part in an exciting re-enactment of Tom’s journey from Marree to Birdsville in an electric powered scale model of the Leyland Badger.

Activities will include driving the truck, loading and securing deliveries, using an old HF radio, writing and posting letters, delivering the mail to ‘Birdsville’, using a rope and pulleys to extricate the truck when it is bogged and much much more!

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