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Living in the 70s

Temporary exhibition

1970 was the year of the Vietnam Moratorium, the year that “The Fab Four” went their separate ways, and a young Greg Chappell scored his maiden Test century on debut. If you can believe it petrol cost 9 cents a litre back in 1970!

Many of us dreamed of owning a car like the HT Holden Monaro GTS. It has a big V8 engine and a top speed of over 200kms/hr.

If you were a Ford fan, then the Falcon GTHO Phase II, the fastest four door sedan of its day, was the ultimate. In 1970, it could be yours for under $5,000.

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Past Club Events

Special event
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The National Motor Museum has played host to numerous Club Event days and Show and Shines over many years. Find out more about some of the past events held at the Museum.

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From Workhorse to Stallion: the ute in Australia


The story goes that the first ute was an Australian invention created in 1933 (and released by Ford in 1934). It was designed by Ford designer Lew Bandt following a letter from a farmer's wife asking 'Would Ford build for me a vehicle: the front is the Coupe, to suit my need of taking the family to Church on Sunday; the back is the Roadster Utility box, so I can take the pigs to town on Monday.' The rest, as they say, is legend...

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