1927 Erskine Roadster

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Hi, found your picture of the 27 Erskine Roadster very interesting. I have a photo of my father and what I beleive is a Erskine ute which he owned dated approx 1947. He was qualified as a motor mechanic and worked at the Ford Leighton factory in Perth, Western Australia. Are you able to confirm the car in the photo as an Erskine. Were many manufactured as utes, if so must be one of the earliest utes made & sold in Oz?

Thanks, Rob Chester


If you can send a scan of the picture to motor@history.sa.gov.au we'll see if we can verify it. In most instance cars from pre mid 1930's were not manufactured as utilities rather they were tourer bodied cars with the back seats and body cut away. Provided you owned a hacksaw, standard wood saw and some nails you could produce a ute without much difficulty at all. After the mid 1930's this changed, when proper utes were factor build and bodies started to be made out of entirely steel.


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