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Hello. Do you have any infomation on the 1934 Ford  roadster pickup or "UTE". I know there was'nt maney made in 34 i read maybe 200. I live in the U.S and my have one. Thank you.
Dear Danny can you please email me directly at and I will endeavour to assist you
Matthew,   I am inquiring where you found details that only 345 Coupe Utes were produced at Ford Geelong in 1934  
Hi Robert there is I believe some conjecture over the number of these utes built but this is a number which has been suggested by more than one researcher, However there is still some debate if this is purely coupe utes or may also include the roadster ute body.  The factory records do not reflect the number produced as I understand it as they are generic for 1934 Ford V8's.

There is a wreck of a 1935 Ford ute with a V8 that is abandoned in Hanningan's Gap South Australia.

Hi to all I had a 1934 Coupe Ute in 1968 my frand and I bort it for $25.00 and one head was off  greasd the gascat and drove it to Melborne from Parramatta Sydney and back for a show.

My questoin is about the 1933 ford SPORTS coupe in Australia I have a sports coupe the number is 40-168, I can not find informetion on it, can you help me?

Thank you Ron..

Hi Ron well the number tells you that it is a Ford Model 40 so that sounds right, what info are you after, please send an email to motor@history.sa.gov.au'; // -->

Hi Mr Matthew. I have a 1933 FordSPORTS Coupe, and I like any info you may have or no of my 33Ford SPORTS Coupe, I have ownd my SPORTS Coupe sins 1964 and I only had the boddy shell only, the boddy number is 40-168

Can you tell me when it was sold, and how menny was build of the 33 SPORTS Coupe, and when to when thay was build, and was the SPORTS Coupe was it only build in Australia?

Thank you Ron..

She is a beautiful old ute. However there is some debate that the first all purpose ute was actually made by ford in 1932. If you wish to follow the link below. regards Mark http://www.fordgarage.com/pages/ute302304.htm

I recently found one of this beautiful old classic ford being disposed off, it had been rusting at a womans backyard in melbourne. Seems she just though it was a junk. She listed it online

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