1964 Honda Monkey CZ100

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High there wandering if you have heard of a honda z100 prototype.  From South Africa with rear suspension. They say its a 1961 honda z100 scrambler horse bought to Australia from South Africa 30 plus years ago.If you have ever heard of this please call Nathan ****** or email Thanks again
Hi mate, I've got a 1961 flying horse scrambler which I'm restoring right now, it's my second mini trail as the other one is finished although not a 61 model, send me a message anytime, Bob
Hello,I have my fathers 1963 z100 that he has had since he was 8 years old in 1965. I was just wondering if you had any information that would help me restore the bike. I want to keep original parts and am not sure where is best to find them. Any additional info about the bike would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
Hi there. If you get stuck and decide to sell your c100 do contact me anytime ******** aj
Hi Aj.  We discourage people from leaving phone numbers on our website to avoid telephone spam.

Hi my name is Mark I have a honda cz100 forsale through gumtree. Ad id 1126387431

I m from belgium in holiday in sa hoedspruit for THE moment i m à collectoren have 17 Monkey bike sin my collectionyou dont want to sell THE bikeor might know for sale complete or notplease let know on

hi manon

i am looking for a CZ100 handlebar ; can you help me ? regards

Hi Manon

No unfortunately, we only have the bike

Hi finally after 5 years i have aquired a cz100 to join my collection of a z50a and a z50r,im struggling to find any diagrams or close up pics of the bike to allow accuate restoration can you help? many thanks... great looking bike by the way!!!

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